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Text-gun Might Tackle Texting and Driving

posted 25 Sep 2014, 23:25 by selectdrivinghalifax   [ updated 25 Sep 2014, 23:27 ]

Texting while driving can be incredibly dangerous and in most countries it is completely outlawed.

But most of us have seen thoughtless motorists from trying to compose a message while flying along a motorway, though, increasing the chance of a fatal accident.

But now one company claims to have developed a ‘texting gun’ that can recognise the frequency of a text message, allowing police to fine people for doing it.

In the UK it is illegal to use your phone at all when driving, while the law varies in the US from state to state - most allow phone calls but no texting.

Drivers caught using a phone in the UK can be charged up to £1,000 and also lose their licence.

The dangers posed by texting have led to Virginia-based ComSonics to design a gun that can detect frequencies. The device, called the Sniffer Sleuth II, is currently in production although no release date or price has been announced yet.

According to the Virginian-Pilot Newspaper, it can discern the different frequencies from a text message, phone call and data transfer.

It apparently uses similar technology used by cable repairmen to find where a cable is damaged, who look for transmission ‘leaks’.

For states like Virginia where talking on the phone while driving is legal but texting is not, this could be especially useful.

In addition, the device can apparently even work out which person in the car is texting, so it will not alert police to issue a fine if it spots frequencies from a passenger.

The device has yet to be given legislative approval amid some privacy concerns, but Malcolm MacIntyre of ComSonics told the Virginian-Pilot it was ‘close to production.’