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Your Chance to Cut Motoring Red Tape

posted 20 May 2011, 07:38 by selectdrivinghalifax

Life is about to get easier for road users, businesses, and local authorities as Roads Minister Mike Penning today pledged to slash unnecessary red tape.

Over 400 Whitehall road transport regulations have been placed on the Red Tape Challenge website – a Government-wide site aimed at reducing bureaucracy - for four weeks. It asks everyone whether they think that a regulation is well designed and provides vital protections, or is badly designed, badly implemented or simply a bad idea.

Prime candidates for being scrapped include:

The requirement for motorists to have a paper or electronically issued Motor Insurance certificate. Getting rid of this requirement could reduce admin costs for businesses and cut bureaucracy for many people;
Regulations specifying that bus companies have to wait 48 hours before they can throw away perishable items that have been left on the bus;
Rules specifying the procedure that councils must go through when installing speed humps. This includes the minimum (and maximum) heights and the minimum number of lights that must be installed nearby.
Mike Penning said;

“We are calling on everyone: consumers, businesses and volunteer groups to get involved and help reduce the number of badly thought out and obsolete regulations in our country."

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