Learn with a Friend from Just Under £17 an Hour

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately whilst we still live with the threat of Covid-19 I am unable to offer team lessons, however the offer will be reinstated as soon as it is safe and practical to do so.

Learning to drive is an important life skill but in today's stretched economic times it is not something everyone can afford to start when they are first able to get a provisional license at 17.  In response to this I have developed a special course which will allow friends to learn together at a much lower cost than individual lessons:
  • standard lessons lasting 1 hour plus 15 minutes wrap-up, each pupil gets ~30 minutes in the driving seat
  • receive all the same benefits as those taking individual lessons (Current Prices and Services)
  • both pupils involved in the learning process during the whole hour through questions, quizzes and observation games
  • benefit from watching how others tackle tasks and learn from their successes and errors
  • enjoy the support of a friend in between lessons when looking at your theory/homework
  • motivation boosted through a little healthy competition between the pupils
  • agreed single pick-up and drop-off points
The price per pupil for these lessons are £19-£21 each (depending on length), this works out at £16.80-£17.54 per hour taking into account the 15 minute wrap-up for each lesson where progress is monitored, home study is set and new goals/objectives are agreed.  

The benefits of having sharing your lesson experience with a partner will help speed up your rate of learning and as a result the number of lessons taken in preparation for your test will not be that different from the traditional approach, what will differ though is the overall cost of learning as each hour will cost you no more £21 instead of my lowest standard rate of £28.

If you think this could be for you then please contact me to find out more.
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