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This series of short videos gives new learners some basic tips and information allowing them a headstart for new driving topics and so helping them get the most out of their time in the car under instruction.  As well as a couple of my own videos I have also picked out some of the best that are currently available on YouTube, but you may be able to find others that are even better, if so let me know as I like to keep my site up to date, fresh and useful.

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SubjectWhat's It About?Video
SubjectWhat's It About?Video
The Cockpit Drill Welcome to the first in my short series of videos covering some of the basic information you will need as you start your driving career. Here I cover the cockpit drill which is a series of six simple checks and adjustments needed before you set off on a journey to assure the safety of you and your passengers and make you ready to have good control of your car. 
Initial Mirror and Blind Spot Checks In the second part of this short course I will explain the checks you should make every time before moving away from the side of the road and why these are so important for new learners. 
Moving Off and Stopping This is it time to get you actually driving the car, watch this to find out how to make the move from passenger to driver. 
Turning Left Mastering junction work is the key to becoming a good, safe driver and to allowing you to venture further afield, this first video tackles turning left into a minor road. 
Turning Right So now you can turn left let's see how a right-turn compares. 
MSPSL (Mirror, Signal, Position, Speed, Look) Routine So having watched some theory about truning left and right let's see it put into action on the road and also see how the same process can help us emerge safely at a junction as well. 
Crossroads How does the presence of a fourth road at a junction affect your approach, watch and learn. 
Roundabouts Some roundabouts can appear daunting but once you get the hang of them you will realise how much easier they can make your journey. 
Dual Carriageways Although as a learner you can't yet go on a motorway you are allowed onto dual carriageways, here the traffic moves much quicker so you need to know how to keep your wits about you and the importance of good lane discipline and early planning. 
Turn In The Road Traditionally known as the 3-point turn this is usually the first manoeuvre you will learn as it helps develop clutch control and brings in all the skills you will need to successfully do any of the other manoeuvres. 
Left Reverse Round a Corner This manoeuve takes practise and patience and can be quite challenging, watch this video to give yourself a headstart. 
Parallel Parking So now's the chance to learn how to do something that your parents probably still struggle with, watch the video and start giving them tips! 
Bay Parking How to park safely in a car park and give yourself the best position for moving off again. 
Overtaking As a learner may think you won't get many chances to overtake others but you'd be surprised. The most common overtake you will perform is passing parked cars, sounds easy? Well just watch this video to learn just what you need to consider to do it well and impress your examiner. 
Show Me, Tell Me At the start of your test your examiner will ask you 2 safety related questions and may ask you to show him how to do some simple tasks related to care for your car. Watch this to find out the model answer to all 19 possible questions. For even more information navigate to the Show Me Tell Me section of my website. 
Is it a Good Idea for Your Instructor to Sit in on Your Driving Test? On the day of your test you may be nervous and the thought of a second pair of eyes on you may be too much to bear, but before you decide to go it alone watch this video to see some of the benefits it can bring. 
Independent Driving for Your Test For 10 minutes during your test you will be asked to drive without directional prompts from your examiner, watch this video to find out more about what to expect. 
Crossroads - Positioning for Opposing Right Turns If when you arrive at a crossroads you find another car from the opposite direction also wanting to turn right what are the options to negotiate each other safely? 
How to Handle Emergency Vehicles Do you know what to do when an emergency vehicle approaches? Watch this video to find out how to stay calm and be as helpful as possible whilst still staying legal. 
Driving at Night Some useful tips here about how to stay safe when driving at night. Please note this is for driving on the right-hand side of the road so references to left/right need to be swapped for the UK. 
How to Avoid Road Rage Here is a guide to avoiding angry drivers, advising you on the best way to avoid road rage and deal with aggressive driving safely and sensibly. 
Emergency Stop Watch this quick video to learn the key points of the emergency stop, remember no mirrors! 
Official DSA car practical test - Are you ready? The official DSA step-by-step guide to make sure you're ready to pass the car practical driving test. Find out what to expect when you take the test. 
How To Make The Perfect Hill Start Make that perfect hill start with VideoJug's helpful guide. Starting your car on a slope or hill is a key driving skill. Driving instructor of over twenty years, Gary Lamb, is going to show us a great way of completing this manoeuvre. 
Magic Roundabouts Have heard a lot about these multi mini-roundabout setups but this is the first time I encountered one. Having been through it I actually think they seem a great idea and can make navigating some of our larger roundabouts less hazardous and less hectic, but I do suspect that you would have to look out for those that could get confused :-) 
Observation, Observation, Observation! This video is an excellent example of the extent, frequency and reason for observations during manoeuvres. The exercise in this case is Turn in the Road but it equally applies to the others, follow this guidance and you will be well on your way to passing this part of your driving test AND more importantly staying safe on the road. 
Lots of Roundabouts Roundabouts come in all shapes, sizes and layouts, this 20 minute video gives a good guide to a whole range of roundabouts that you may encounter on your travels. 
Most Common Mistakes from Your Driving Test - Part 1 Here's the first in a short series of videos by my friend and colleague James Travis who runs a successful school in Milton Keynes, here he emphasises the need for good mirror use and blindspot checks. 
Most Common Mistakes from Your Driving Test - Part 2 Here James gives us a general drive and points a number of the potential mistakes you might make and also some tips for how to impress your examiner. 
Most Common Mistakes from Your Driving Test - Part 3 In this final video for now from James he points out the potential pitfalls of lazy or ineffective steering and how to avoid faults for hesitancy. 
How to Navigate the Spiral/Giratory Roundabout at Orange/Broad Street in Halifax This video gives a practical guide to how to drive around a major giratory/spiral roundabout correctly and safely. It emphasises the importance of correct lane position and also includes tips on good road etiquette and what to do to ensure that a potentially minor driving test fault is not allowed to become a driving test fail. 
King Cross Traffic Lights This in lesson video gives a number of examples of how to proceed in various directions at King Cross traffic lights in Halifax. I filmed it when giving refresher lessons to a lady who had passed some years ago but was never confident at this particular set of lights. 
Show Me Tell Me This video goes through the current (as at July-17) Show Me Tell Me questions for the UK Driving Test using the new Citroen C3 for demonstration. It covers all 19 questions, from which you will be asked 2 at the start of you test, failure to provide adequate answers to these questions won't be an automatic fail for your test but could attract up to 2 driver (minor) faults and isn't the best way to set a good first impression with your examiner. 
Recognising the End of the Road and Halifax Test Route Tips This video helps with identifying the end of road markings to ensure you recognise upcoming junctions, show how to deal with differing junctions safely ad also shows some of the hotspots on Halifax test routes. 
Correct Position and Approach for Junctions In this short video I will show you how to approach junctions correctly for both left and right turns and examples of common mistakes. 
Approaching Traffic Lights This short video shows how to anticipate traffic light changes and alter your approach speed appropriately. It shows examples of how to do it and how not to do it, it also includes an error by a pupil that would have resulted in an instant fail on a driving test. 
NEW DRIVING TEST - Pulling Over On The Right and Moving Away Safely The Driving Test will change on December 4th and introduce a brand new manoeuvre designed to test how safely you can move to the opposite side of the road and then re-join traffic. The key to doing this effectively is exemplary observation an judgement. This video will demonstrate how to do the exercise correctly and then show you WHY it is now being tested and why it is not recommended if other safer options exist. 
NEW DRIVING TEST - Forward Bay Parking This is my second video relating to the new driving test which start on Monday December 4th. From that date a second bay parking exercise may be tested, namely driving in forward and reversing out. This video shows several examples of how to do this plus some potential errors that could cost you a test fail even if your observations are exemplary. 
NEW DRIVING TEST - Show Me Questions On The Move In preparation for the new driving test from December 4th I have updated the Show Me Tell Me section to include the new approach to Show Me questions which will now be asked during the drive rather than at the test centre before your test. This video will show you which questions can be asked, how they are asked and demonstrates how to deal with them safely. 
NEW DRIVING TEST - Independent Driving Following a SatNav This video covers another change to the driving test from December 4th namely the use of a SatNav for the Independent Driving section. From then 4 out of 5 tests will spend 20 minutes of the test following a pre-programmed route on the Examiners SatNav, the other 1 in 5 will be asked to follow signs as per the current test. In the video I explain how the Examiner will position the SatNav and then demonstrate how to avoid making a serious error through rushed decisions and how to use the information on the screen to plan ahead and relax during the drive. Finally I provide some general advice about how to use and position your SatNav safely. 
Cutting Mini Roundabouts A short video covering one of my pet annoyances, cutting over the middle of a mini-roundabout. The video shows a cut, a proper approach and then a combined slow-motion demonstrating how the cutting has the potential to cause a collision if others mis-judge how another car will tackle the turn. Overall a dangerous and frustrating practise and one that will be a definite fail if done on a driving test. 
Judgement and Hazards at Mini Roundabouts This short video shows a typical, busy town centre min-roundabout at a peak time of day. As the time elapses I highlight examples of both good and bad driving/judgement and point out some of the pitfalls for you to avoid. 
How to Avoid Failing Your Driving Test in Halifax in the First Minute The exit from the car park at Halifax Test Centre takes you onto a road with 2 very different but potentially confusing junctions, negotiating either of these poorly at the start of your test when you may be most nervous could result in a fail before your drive has really begun. Watch this video to help prepare yourself. 
Tips on Driving Up Brackenbed Lane in Halifax This video shows a demonstration of how to drive up Brackendbed Lane in Halifax which features on about 60% of driving tests in our area. It includes tips on gear selection and road position as well as pointing out some of the more tricky parts of the hill and common mistakes that could result in a serious fault on a driving test. 
Examples of Meeting Traffic on a Halifax Test Route This video gives some examples of how to meet oncoming traffic where the road is lined with parked cars or traffic calmed. The road featured runs down from Tesco in Halifax and features on a number of driving test routes. 
Tips on Driving Down Brackenbed Lane in Halifax This video shows a demonstration of how to drive down Brackendbed Lane in Halifax which features on about 60% of driving tests in our area. It includes tips on gear selection and road position as well as pointing out how to anticipate oncoming traffic on the narrower parts of the hill. 
Final Junctions Returning to Halifax Test Centre This video covers the 3 most likely return routes right at the end of your driving test and highlights some of the common mis-understandings and mistakes that candidates can make, sometimes resulting in a test fail. 
Driving Up a Steep Hill in Snow During 'The Beast from the East' The UK has recently been gripped by snow and ice with Halifax being no exception. This video shows my attempts to 'escape' from y very hilly street and some of the techniques I needed to use to overcome the snow and counteract my car's traction control attempts (see to see why traction control isn't always best in the snow). 
New Driving Test - Independent Driving Using a SatNav with Real Time In-Screen Map - Halifax This video follows up on one I did last year giving tips on how to follow a satnav which is now part of the driving test. In this video the satnav map is shown on screen so that you can more easily relate the road ahead to how it is represented by the satnav. 
Unnecessary Overtaking in Halifax This video shows a driver ignoring the 2 golden rules of overtaking, NECESSITY and SAFETY. Apologies in advance for the heavy sarcasm employed in the video. 
My First Driving Test - You Can Learn from MY Mistakes In this video I talk about my first driving test way back in 1982 and the unmitigated disaster that it becames after less than 10 seconds. As well as telling you the detail of why I failed so quickly I'll also highlight the disadvantage of 'giving up' for the rest of the test. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and avoid them on your big day. 
What Happens when People with No Brains Get a Driving Licence This video shows the consequences and delays that occur when drivers fail to look ahead, rush to get through gaps and can't exhibit even a modicum of patience or common sense. Having watched this the main point I would like you to take is that waiting until the way is clear and choosing to give way is sometimes much quicker than blindly driving forward just because it's "your right of way". 
How and When to Use Your Mirrors This video is intended to demonstrate good mirror use with the reasons explained to help you understand WHAT you are looking for and WHY, rather than simply repeating the mantra Mirros Signal Manouevre. After the intro there is a bout 10 minutes of driving, during that period notice that I check my mirrors about 80 times (an average of once every 7.5s) and also that the majority of the time I check my mirrors in PAIRS, Centre and Right or Centre and Left, adopting this approach and habit will help you keep abreast of what is happening behind you and give you a fuller picture of your surroundings. 
Approach Speed and Path This short video gives a couple of contrasting examples to show 'how not' and then 'how to' approach common driving situations. The correct way to approach any hazard is at a steady speed and in a planned direction/path that gives early confidence and reassurance to those that you share the road with, including your passengers. And remember one of your upcoming passengers will be your examiner, DON'T give him/her reasons to doubt how well prepared you are when approaching hazards. 
Where to Stop at Traffic Lights It always surprises me how many new and inexperienced drivers seem to find it difficult to stop correctly at traffic lights, either through rushing or ignorance. This video shows a variety of traffic lights around Halifax and highlights exactly where the stop line is for each and explains what you should look for to ensure that you stop in the correct position and do not inadvertently drift into a position which is both illegal and will cause a fail on your driving test. 
Observations for Manoeuvres - Parallel Parking This video demonstrates and emphasises the importance of effective and regular observations both before and during a manoeuvre especially when reversing is involved. This example covers a paralle park which will be carried out on a public road if done during your driving test. 
Halifax Test Routes - Mount Tabor to Warley This video shows the approximately 2 miles from Mount Tabor down to Burnley Road in both directions. This particular route features on many of the Halifax test routes and is easy to make mistakes on in terms of speed, position, clearance and anticipation of other road users. 
Commentary Driving as an Aid to Anticipation and Planning This video is intended to demonstrate how a technique known as Commentary Driving can help you to become more aware of upcoming hazards and as a result deal with them in a more controlled and calm manner by increasing the time you have available to prepare. 
How to Spot and Deal with Yellow Paint Yellow painted areas on our roads are usually places you should not stop, park or wait. Spotting them early (especially when faded) will help you deal with them correctly and impress your examiner rather than give them cause to fault you (quite possibly seriously leading to an immediate fail). 
Learning to Drive The 3Fs In this video I outline and explain how I will teach you to drive, taking you through the Foundation steps to the Fundamentals you need to impress an examiner and giving Focus to specific challenges your driving test will include. 
Explaining the Top 10 Reasons for Failing the Driving Test For those who weren't able to join the live Facebook session on Thursday 9th April here is a recording. During the session I covered an overview of what the examiners look for during a test, the 4 fault categories and then ran through each of the top 10 reasons for failing a driving test as published recently by the DVSA. 
The UK's Unwritten Driving Rules You NEED to Understand For those who weren't able to join the live Facebook session on Thursday 16th April here is a recording. The session focussed on habits and ways in whcih people drive that are not endorsed by the Highway Code (and therefore should be avoided during a driving test) but need to be understood to allow you to drive safely alongside your fellow road users. 
Recovering a Stall The 4Rs This video explains the main reasons for stalling and more more importantly describes a simple 4-step process that will allow you to recover the stall safely and effectively and avoid it snowballing into a driving test fail. 
Common Driving Habits that are Illegal in the UK In this video I highlight common driving habits that are illegal in the UK and could cost you fines and points on your license. If you'd like to read an overview of the session then please see the related Facebook post by Daryl At Sds. This is one of my regular 19:00 Thursday evening Facebook Live sessions that you can join by simply looking for Daryl At Sds on Facebook. 
The Honest Truth - Keeping Young Drivers Safe & Legal From Insurance to Showing Off to Tiredness learn about 10 risky activities that young drivers are especially susceptible to and some of the consequences.that could result. This is one of my regular 19:00 Thursday evening Facebook Live sessions that you can join by simply looking for Daryl At Sds on Facebook. 
Demo Drive of Defensive Driving - The First Key - Aim High! This video shows a drive through Halifax highlighting upcoming hazards and encouraging you to follow the firstkey of the Smith's Defensive Driving Technique which is to Aim High in Your Steering i.e. look well ahead and plan for the unexpected. 
Let The Stig Help You Perfect Your Gear Changes This video takes you through some easy steps to help you learn and improve the accuracy of your gear changes and includes methods recommended by The Stig in the book How To Drive by Ben Collins. 
**FREE** Subscriptions and Discounts Subscribe to my YouTube channel and message me and I'll reply with discounts and free subscriptions to several valuable resources for learner drivers, no tricks or gimmicks. You're welcome Daryl 👍 
Defensive Driving - Explaining the Smith's System This was recorded live via Facebook as one of my regular Thursday evening sessions at 19:00. During it I explain the context and overview of defensive driving and then the detail of The Smith's Defensive System. For a written transcript of the video see the related Facebook post - 
How to Jump-Start a Car with a Flat Battery (possibly after Lockdown) This video gives a short demonstration of how to get a car with a flat battery restarted using jump leads. This problem is likely to be quite common at the moment as many cars have been left standing idle during Lockdown and over time the battery loses enough charge to stop it being able to turn the starter motor to in turn start your car. 
Learning During Lockdown and Tips to Pass Your Driving Test This is be one of my regular Thursday evening Facebook Live sessions that you can join by simply looking for Daryl At Sds on Facebook and will help you understand how to keep your skills fresh during lockdown and some tips for passing your driving test. For a written transcript of the video see the related Facebook post - 
Hazard Perception Coaching This video offers useful tips and techniques to help you study for and pass the Hazard Perception part of the UK Driving Theory Test. 
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