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STOP PRESS - 23RD DECEMBER 2017 The Part 3 test changed from what is described below find out more at Taking the ADI Part-3 Test

To become an Approved Driving Instructor you need to meet a number of minimum standards and then pass the 3 Driving Standards Agency tests within a period of 2 years:

Minimum Standards:
  • Hold a full UK or EU unrestricted car driving license for at least 4 of the last 6 years
  • Not have been disqualified in the last 4 years
  • Be a 'fit and proper' person to be included on the Register, this includes CRB checks
DSA Tests:
  • Part 1 - Theory - as a driving instructor you are expected to have excellent up-to-date knowledge of the Highway Code, responsibilities of road users, car control, fundamental car mechanics, accident management, the driving test, driving with disabilities, instructional technique and learning theory.  The Part 1 theory question test covers all these subjects with 100 questions splitting the subjects across 4 bands, the pass mark is 85% with a minimum of 80% in each of the 4 bands.  Once this is completed you will then sit the video based hazard perception test, this is identical to that taken by normal learner drivers with the exception that the pass mark is set at a much higher standard of 76%.  You must pass both parts at a single sitting.
  • Part 2 - Practical - once you have passed part 1 you are allowed to take the practical test which is simply a test of your driving ability in a very similar manner to that which learner drivers undergo.  Again as you would expect the required standard is high and so the test is longer (around 1 hour), takes in motorway driving (if practical), includes all the manoeuvres (corner reverse, turn in the road, parking) and the emergency stop.  To pass you must commit no more than 6 driver faults, no serious faults and be able to meet a more stringent eyesight check.
  • Part 3 - Instructional Ability - okay having proved you are a good and knowledgeable driver you can now apply to take the final test which will allow you to fully qualify.  This test is conducted by a Senior Examiner who will test your ability using two role play scenarios lasting about 30 minutes each.  These two role plays are designed to test your instructional ability for 2 fictional 'pupils' at different stages of their learning, ranging from a complete beginner to a pupil near test-standard right up to a full license holder wanting refresher lessons.  The examiner will assess how well you are able to help each 'pupil'  progress and how you adapt your technique to suit their experience and improvement during the lesson.  Each of the separate tests are assesed on a scale of 1-6, to pass your Part 3 you must achieve 4 or above in both parts.  You must pass your Part 3 no more than 2 years after passing Part 1 and can have no more than 3 attempts. STOP PRESS - 23RD DECEMBER 2017 The Part 3 test changed from what is described below find out more at Taking the ADI Part-3 Test
If you want to read more detailed information from the DVSA about becoming a driving instructor then just click here.

So how can I help you to realise your goal of becoming an ADI?  
  • Many are put off pursuing a course of Instructor Training by high up front costs so firstly you will find that with me you can Pay-As-You-Learn at extremely reasonable hourly rates.
  • As well as training I can also offer you the chance to spend a day or half-day with me to get a taster of what the job of a driving instructor actually entails, this is a very low-cost (£50-£100) way of helping you properly research your possible career choice before you make any (possibly) expensive commitments/decisions.
  • Passing the Part 1 theory test should easily be within the reach of the majority of motivated trainees and requires dedicated self-study with a little up front guidance to ensure the right materials are studied.  I will offer this guidance, coaching, assistance with Hazard Perception and as needed Q&A FREE OF CHARGE, so all you will pay for are study materials and the test itself.
  • Preparation for your Part 2 driving test will be carried out as a series of normal driving lessons, in these I will assess your current driving standard and help you to improve any areas that are necessary.  We will also undertake at least one mock test to ensure you are prepared.  These lessons will also be an opportunity to help show you how instructional style should be altered to suit the pupil's experience, you after all will not be a complete novice and I will not treat you as such.  These price of these lessons will be £30 an hour if taken in your own vehicle or £35 an hour if mine is used.
  • My Part 3 training/coaching will be given in 2 ways and can also be of benefit to trainees taking their formal course with other schools. 
    1. I will provide formal training on instructional ability on a one-to-one basis, this will include training material, demonstration, coaching and simulated role-play to allow you to develop your style and test technique.  This training is best taken in a dual control car and so will be given using my vehicle at a cost of £35 an hour.
    2. To help trainees really understand what real-life driving instruction is all about and to gain on-the-job experience I will offer full day sessions where you will accompany me on a day's lessons.  Before each lesson you will have time to understand what the needs of the next pupil are, the subject/objectives and what to look out for.  After each lesson there will be time to de-brief, record any notes and prepare for the next pupil.  These days will be charged at £100 and are available to trainees learning with me or elsewhere.  This opportunity to learn on-the-job will become ever more vital with the likely suspension of the current Trainee License scheme within the next 12 months making it much harder for candidates to gain extensive practise prior to their Part 3 test.
  • Passing your exams is just a part of setting up as an instructor.  In a little over a year I established a successful school with a  full pupil roll and new pupils joining me every month.  Getting to this stage has not been easy and as an additional service to trainees working with me I will share many of my ideas and advice for how to establish and run your business, this will include how to choose and finance your car, marketing tips, how to get the best from social networks, establishing a low-cost website (the site you are looking at now has cost me just some time and £12.50 for hosting!), how to run your diary, accounting and budgetting, sales techniques and more.  I will provide this support during our training and for a period after you qualify whilst you seek to establish your own business.
I do hope you have found this information useful and that it is helpful as you consider a move into driving instruction.  Personally I can say it is the best job I have had, the hours fly by and the satisfaction of seeing pupils progress and ultimately pass their test is hard to describe, this could be you!

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