Current Prices and Services - SAVE £££s

As at Oct-19 pupils who have taken ALL their driving lessons with me have passed their test after an average of just 37.5 hours of lessonsby comparison the UK average is 45 hours tuition, so learn with me and you could save hundreds of pounds.
    I currently offer in-car one-to-one tuition to pupils in and around Calderdale w

    ith prices 

    for your ENTIRE course that recognise the strains on family finances at this time.   My modern and highly effective training methods will help you reach test standard more quickly and inexpensively than you might think possible.

    You will also be covered by the Select Driving School Pupil Charter giving you the reassurances you need to be confident of the standard and quality of service you will receive whilst learning with me.

    My current prices per hour for driving tuition in HX (except HX7) post codes are:
        -     £28 for day time lessons (08:30-17:30) on week days
        -     £31 for weekday morning lessons starting before 08:00 (unless pre-test)
        -     £33 for weekday evening lessons starting after 18:30 or ending after 19:30
        -     £33 for day time lessons at weekends

    A £2 an hour supplement applies for lessons starting or ending in non-HX or HX7 post codes i.e. £30 to £35.

    Discounts are available on all these prices for block bookings for 10 or more hours, just contact me for more details.

    As well as your in-car driving lessons when you learn with me you will also receive the following facilities and support:
    • A full Welcome Pack including a FREE copy of the Official Highway Code
    • Access to the Smart Driving Theory App for you to study for your theory test
    • FREE e-book course to help you kick-start and continue your learning between lessons
    • FREE access to the basic DriverActive
    • FREE memory joggers to help you remember the key learning points and to study for your hazard perception
    • FREE pupil journal to allow you to record your on notes and objectives for your lessons
    • FREE text message reminders for each and every lesson
    • FREE post-pass driving assessment to help you stay safe on today's busy roads
    • your own copy of your progress notes if you wish so you know how far along you are to reaching test standard
    • door-to-door lessons to/from location of your choice
    • flexible lesson appointments
    • PC based hazard perception coaching
    • optional member access to DriverActive for comprehensive online tuition and leaner support & advice
    • excellent customer service backed up by a level 3 Diploma qualification
    I also have the following services available:
    • PassPlus training and advice at well below the recommended price of £160
    • 'Learn with a Friend' courses
    • Free 'Tasters' for Under-17s and Parents
    • Low cost coaching for prospective ADIs from £20ph with Part 1 FREE
    • Refresher and advanced lessons for qualified drivers
    • Automatic driving lessons can be arranged on request in the customer's own vehicle
    • Fleet Training and Driver Risk Assessments
    • Gift vouchers for those who want to give driving lessons as a present
    • An Online Video Library for New Learners pulling together some of the best training clips from YouTube
    • Hazard Perception Coaching
    • Help and advice about post-pass motoring expenses, in particular car insurance
    Need information or got a question Just Ask!

    Marmalade Learner Driver Insurance

    Marmalade Learner Driver Insurance

    Marmalade Learner Driver Insurance