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This page contains links to many useful sites covering a wide range of subjects across learning to drive and advice for after you pass, feel free to browse and if you see something that you think others should know about let me know and I will add it.
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TitleWhat's it AboutWebpage
GoCompare - Short-Term Learner Driver Insurance We can offer short-term learner driver insurance for drivers aged 17-65, starting from seven days to 24 weeks - with the ability to select cover type in conjunction with our partner Collingwood. GoCompare 
Don't get scammed when booking your driving test I always warn pupils to ensure they boo their tests on the official government website to avoid scammers and this is why. My worldwide hunt for the driving test villains who ripped off my teenage son: How TOBY WALNE tried to track down those behind a copycat sting. 
The Driver’s Essential Stretches for Long Car Rides Traveling may be the most inspiring, invigorating thing you can do, but sitting in a car for hours on end can really get you down. Believe me. Having just driven 14,000 miles around the country, I succumbed to ‘driving depression’ dozens of times. The tightness, stagnation and required focus is a lot to handle for hours on end. Sitting in the driver’s seat takes a huge toll on the body, and since ‘sitting kills,’ stretching at every opportunity can make the difference between slow, mind-and-butt-numbing torture and a relaxed travel experience filled with podcast enlightenment. Along with a few good shoulder and ankle rolls, here are six great stretches that I found essential on long drives. Do these to avoid devolving into a tightly knotted ball of tension and stress when you’re behind the wheel. 
How the DVSA cancellation system works To search for a cancellation you MUST HAVE Driving Licence You must have a valid Driving Licence to search – Only use the first 16 characters (not the 2 digits at the end of the licence number). It looks something like this MORGA657054SM9IJ – with the first 5 letters usually being the first 5 of your surname. Future Driving Test You must have a future test booked before you can search. You cannot search with the reference number for a test in the past that you have failed. If that’s the case you need to book another test BEFORE you sign up for any service – none of them can search without it. 
Simple mistake means you can be fined £2,500 even though your MoT is in date This time last year the MoT rules changed. But while many of the changes are about how the test works, rather than its impact on you, there's one that could see you lose a very large amount of cash. That's because under the new rules how vehicles are classed after a test was altered. As a result, you can be landed with a fine of £2,500 for driving your car even if your old certificate is valid. In the past, as long as your car was deemed roadworthy, you could keep driving it even after it failed, provided your old MoT was still in date. But now the second your car fails it can be deemed "dangerous", and driving a car rated as that means a fine of up to £2,500 and three points on your licence 
Driving test success - everything that impacts whether you pass or fail Passing your driving test is still seen as a key milestone for many young people, a first taste of true independence. No longer do you have to rely on public transport or lifts from an understanding parent - you can take control of your own travel. But passing that test isn't easy. With an average overall pass rate of less than 50%, most people on Britain’s roads have at least one driving test disaster behind them. There are plenty of factors that come into play when it comes to how likely you are to pass your test, beyond how competent you are at parallel parking. 
Child Car Seat Safety Car seats are seats installed into a vehicle that are specifically designed to protect infants and children in the event of a crash. According to the National Highway and Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA), the installation of car seats saved the lives of 328 children under the age of five in 2016. 
Will your car pass its MOT? Listed below are the main elements that are checked as part of the MOT test. Nearly half of all faults found during MOT checks could be avoided by carrying out simple maintenance, so it's worthwhile checking items like lights, wiper blades and tyres beforehand so that your vehicle has the best chance of passing first time! 
The Smarter Way to Buy Your New Car Choose your perfect car, compare offers from local and national dealers and buy at a price that’s right for you. 
5 Vital Car Safety Tips for Kids Cars and kids can be a dangerous combination. Taking proper precautions to be sure that your child is safe in and around cars and reduce his risk of injury or death. Being aware of potential dangers and knowing how to properly protect your child can help to create a safer environment for your child. While most parents are aware of importance of buckling up and driving responsibility, it never hurts to review car safety tips for kids. 
Guide to Child Car Seats - The Law Knowledge of child car seats is essential for any parent or guardian. They’re a safety requirement for newborns and children up to 11 years old, or those of a certain height. Yet many underestimate the risks and penalties of breaking this law. 
The Dangers of using a Mobile Phone behind the Wheel This guide offers very helpful information about road safety and the dangers of using a mobile phone behind the wheel. It also includes most commonly asked questions by drivers who are concerned about using their phone or staying safe on the roads. 
Young Car Driver A site aimed at learner drivers and inexperienced motorists, with lots of tips and safety advice (how to budget for a used car, how to drive safely in the winter, and so on). 
The Apprentice Finder Learning to drive will not only open up a whole new world of independence for you it can also help you in finding employment. But what if you really don't yet know what you want to do? Visit this site and may be speak to Adrian directly to find out the myriad of opportunities in the world of Apprenticeships or even get personal career and CV advice. 
Good Egg Guide for New Drivers Thinking of learning to drive? This site has some info to get you going. You can also find out more on my Guide to Learning to Drive slideshow, just click the sidebar. 
Information and Tips for Parents Helping Their Children Practise To all parents and pupils out there, want some great tips on how to get the most from your practice sessions and avoid getting too stressed with each other? Take a look at this great new site which has loads of really useful help and advice :-) 
How Safe is Your Car This site gives lots of details about many of the features you will find on many modern cars (yours too hopefully!) that can help you avoid getting into trouble and also help protect you should the worse happen. Find out what all those acronyms mean! 
All You Need to Know to Care for Your Car A full guide telling you all the things you need to know to help make sure your car stays safe and serves you well. 
How Much Does it Cst to Run a Car? This easy to use guide from Money Supermarket compares the running costs of many popular cars to help you pick your first motor. 
New website to help road users improve their skills rolled out in 4 phases. It will hold useful, interesting and interactive material for: learners, experienced drivers and riders, instructors, professional drivers and riders 
The Cost of Learning to Drive Take a look at the estimate of the costs of learning to drive and then remember that on average pupils pass with me less than 35 hours of lessons, that could save you about £250! 
6 Step Guide to Learning to Drive Everyone gets a little nervous when it comes to learning to drive. But fear not, because MoneySupermarket is on hand to offer guidance on how to achieve your aim of becoming a fully-qualified motorist. 
Coping With Driving Test Nerves This extract from the book 'An L of A Way to Pass' gives tips and techniques for overcoming any driving test nerves. 
The Honest Truth Take a few moments to think about the dangers you can face if you don't act sensibly with your speed, drink, seatbelts or insurance. 
PassPlus Car Insurance Discounts The attached links is updated regularly to advise which insurance companies currently recognise PassPlus and give a discount on their premiums as a result. 
Flashing Headlights - Wat's the problem? You know from your lessons that you should only flash your headlights to warn of your presence, yet you frequently see drivers flashing for other reasons, confusing? This article covers the issue and hopefully will help you understand why it can be dangerous and why you should not let a bad habit develop - don't be a 'flasher'! 
So You've Passed Your Driving Test....What Now? If you really want to prepare yourself for driving alone then take a look at this book which will give you loads of hints and tips on how to become a really great driver. 
The Good Egg Guide for Parents of New Drivers Information to help parents guide and advise their children as they take to the roads by themselves for the first time. 
Pass Your Driving Test/Driving Nerves Worried that nerves may affect your chances of success for your driving test? This superb high quality hypnotherapy CD by the UKs best selling hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold, combines powerful clinical hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital recording technology. 
Have first aid at your fingertips with the Red Cross' first aid mobile app If a friend or family member was having a heart attack or was choking, would you know how to help them? The free app features simple, easy advice on 18 everyday first aid scenarios, as well as tips on how to prepare for emergencies, from severe winter weather to road traffic accidents. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice, it’s never been easier to learn first aid. 
Young Drivers Insurance If you've found the cost of your motor insurance is forcing you off the road, talk to Only Young Drivers. Providing careful young drivers with affordable car insurance is what we're all about. Using a unique, over-the-phone risk assessment application, we'll give you a motor insurance quote on your own merits. So if you're a genuinely careful and responsible young driver, with a track record to prove it Only Young Drivers will help reduce the cost of your car insurance. What's more our policies are provided by leading insurers to give you the reassurance that you're covered by companies you can trust. 
Neil Morrison Driving School - Bradford If you are looking for driving lessons in Bradford then be sure to contact Neil who I highly recommend as an excellent instructor who will make your lessons fly by as you enjoy the path to a full driving license. 
Smart Driving A website aimed at the learner driver industry with great tips and advice for learners and their parents. 
Select Driving School on Facebook Find out the latest news about my school via Facebook. 
Book Your Practical Driving Test Online Click on the above image and complete the booking of your Practical Test online, this incudes the option to pick a location, date and time to suit you best and you will receive immediate confirmation. To use the facility just have your provisional driving licence number, theory test certificate details and credit or debit card details available to you. If you would like to use my tuition car for your test please make sure to consult with me about availability before confirming your booking on the website. 
Find Out About The Theory Test  Find out about the multiple-choice and hazard perception parts of the theory test on the DSA's updated page. 
I can't wait to pass my driving test! is on Facebook Facebook users can now get safe driving advice and keep up to date with changes to the driving test. 
Book Your Theory Test Online Use this page to complete the booking of your Theory test online, this incudes the option to pick a date and time to suit you best and receive immediate confirmation. 
Travis School of Motoring A recommended independent driving school for those wanting to learn in the Milton Keynes area. 
Driver Training Today Forum  A forum for learners, tutors and examiners to exchange ideas, share information and answer queries. 
Application for Refunding Out-of-pocket Expenses If you are unfortunate enough to have a test cancelled by the DSA then you can reclaim some expenses, this will show you how. 
Learners and New Drivers and Riders Find out about learning to drive and book your tests online. 
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