Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

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Due to Covid-19 and following the DVSA and government guidelines I am not currently (as of 24/3/20) able to offer driving lessons. If you would like to enquire about lessons for when the crisis is over or would like any help or advice please call/text me on 07887 633741.

You are also welcome to join my regular Thursday evening Facebook Live sessions at 19:00 where I offer help, advice, updates and Q&A, just search for Daryl At Sds.

On this page I will post links to the latest updates to help you keep abreast of issues affecting driving tuition and tests and also to give you access to some resources that could help you hit the ground running when the crisis is over/lockdown is relaxed.

As ever if you want to ask me anything directly just contact me via any convenient channel and I'll do my best to help you.



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 Theory Tests Cancellation Further Extended til 30th May 06/05/20
 Facebook Live 30th April - The Honest Truth Helping Young Drivers 30/04/20
 Provisional Licence Applications Suspended due to Crisis 27/04/20
 New Style Theory Questions Delayed due to Crisis 24/04/20
 Facebook Live 23rd April - Common But Illegal Driving Habits in the UK 23/04/20
 Theory Tests Cancellation Extended til 8th May 20/04/20
 A Driver's Guide to Lockdown 20/04/20
 Facebook Live 16th April - UK's Unwritten Driving Rules 16/04/20 
 Facebook Live 9th April - Top 10 Fail Reasons 09/04/20
 Keep Your Car Safe and Healthy During Lockdown 06/04/20
 Practical Tests Cancelled til End of June 23/03/20
 Theory Tests Cancelled til 20th April 23/03/20

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Marmalade Learner Driver Insurance

Marmalade Learner Driver Insurance