Hazard Perception Coaching

To gain a Full UK Driving License you will need to pass both a Theory and Practical test.  The Theory test has two parts, a Multiple Choice Question session to test how well you know your Highway Code etc and a video based Hazard Perception Test consisting of 14 separate clips each approximately 1 minute long.  This second part is a pitfall for many learners and can sap both your confidence and wallet if you are not properly prepared.


As part of my study to become a driving instructor I achieved a first-time pass of this test in August 2010 with a score of 65/75 (copy of pass certificate attached below), as a learner driver you will only need to score 44 or better to pass and so I am offering you the chance to benefit from my knowledge and recent experience through a single session coaching class.  The course is open to all learners who have yet to pass their Theory test regardless of which driving school you currently use. 


My coaching session will help you get the most from your practice and study time with DVD and online resources and will give you tips and techniques to make you as ready as possible for your test.  The sessions are run in selected schools and can also be included as part of your driver training in car or at your own home, they last about 30 minutes and will include:


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