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The 2 videos above will give you all the answers needed for both the Show Me (new from Dec-17) questions on the move and the Tell Me questions, 1 of which is asked at the beginning of your test. I recommend you watch both as part of your practice/revision for your test and lessons. For specific details about the car you'll be learning in please also watch this video after you've seen the 2 above.

At the start of your test your examiner will ask you 1 safety related 'Tell Me' question which may include you describing how to do some simple tasks related to care for your car. These questions cover subjects such as how to see and be seen, how to make sure your lights/brakes are working and basic checks under the bonnet, in total there are 14 possible questions that you should prepare for (although only 1 will be asked), you can find these and model answers at Show Me Tell Me Model Answers.

Each car is a little different in layout so this video will give you all the answers using my current car, the Ford Puma ST-LineX, for demonstration.

Your 2nd question will be a 'Show Me' and will be asked at some point during your drive whilst the car is moving. Again the key here is to safely demonstrate what has been asked, whatever you do DON'T compromise safety in a panicked attempt to do something you may now be unsure of due to nerves. If you can't easily do what's been asked simply say you need to pull over somewhere safe to remind yourself how to operate the control and then after you've checked show the examiner once you're back on the move. You will NOT fail your test for asking to do this. This video demonstrates the 7 'Show Me' questions.

Best of luck with getting ready for your test! But if you want to know even more about how to look after your car and make sure it stays safe and serves you well then take a look at the guide at Mercury Car Care Guide and also take a look at Car Safety Features to find out about modern car features that will help keep you and your passengers safe. For an easy to remember acronym to keep you safe on your journeys check out POWDERY.

Finally to find out more about the car you'll learn to drive in with me visit this page all about the features of my Ford Puma ST-LineX.


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