Olivia - Aug-12 - Test Pass Driving School Halifax

Learning to drive has been an amazing experience and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Daryl! He was always organised, calm and understanding of any problems I had and knew exactly how to address them and make me feel a lot more confident in my ability.

Thanks to Daryl I always knew in advance what we would be covering in the next lesson and he also kept note of everything we had done in previous lessons and any issues I had in certain areas that we needed to go over again and improve my confidence in. Once all areas had been covered Daryl allowed me to choose what I would like to go over again in the lessons running up to the practical test which helped me massively and having Daryl in the car during my test was the best decision I could've made as he has always been very supportive and his presence made me feel more relaxed despite how nervous I was!

I cannot thank Daryl enough for his constant help and support throughout my learning to drive and would definitely recommend him to anyone! Thanks Daryl! :)