Select Driving School Pupil Charter

My Promises To You:

To provide a safe, clean learning environment using a modern, well-maintained, dual-controlled car fully insured for your use

To provide one-to-one tuition tailored to suit your needs, abilities and targets

To deliver your training using modern techniques based on up to date information and knowledge through my own Continued Professional Development

To offer you an e-book and other online reference material to support your driving course and to provide you with guidance on how to use it throughout your tuition

To provide regular and honest feedback of your performance underpinned by agreed notes and progress record

To keep to agreed lesson dates and times or where this is not possible to contact you in good time to let you know of any possible changes

To provide a text confirmation of each lesson the night before it is due

To provide support and guidance for your Theory Test study, together with additional test sheets and tips/advice/coaching if required

To help you prepare for your practical driving test through mock tests and by providing the opportunities to drive under simulated pressure

To provide you with access to my tuition car for your practical driving test subject to my agreement that you have reached the required standard

To respond to messages you send or leave me promptly at the first safe opportunity

Your Commitments To Me: 

To comply with the Covid-19 Precautions and honestly advise me of any reasons why it may be unsafe for us to meet

To ensure you hold a valid driving license which you can present to me for inspection at our first lesson, to provide me with online access to the DVLA record of your license and to advise me of any subsequent changes that may affect your eligibility to drive

To ensure you can meet the minimum eyesight standard required to drive a car in the UK and to always wear prescription spectacles/contact lenses during lessons if these are needed (or become necessary) to meet this standard

To ensure you are in a fit and proper state to drive at the start of each lesson

To provide me with the maximum possible notice of your need to change or cancel any given lesson (if less than 24 hours notice is given a £10 per hour booked (pro-rata) fee will be due)

To make full and proper payment for your lessons either in advance (bulk purchase) or at the end of each lesson

To only take my practical driving test when both I and my instructor agree I am ready, this will include the willingness to cancel an existing test if I am not ready in time and acceptance that being ready will include the passing of 1 or more mock tests prior to a real test

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