Rose - Apr-19 - Driving Test Pass - Driving Lessons Halifax

I have been on and off driving for 7 years and never felt confident enough to do my test. I started driving with Daryl from select driving school 6 weeks ago and gained the confidence and skills to do my test and I passed! On my first lesson Daryl asked me to show him what I had learnt so far and during this lesson he took notes which he continued to do through every lesson so that we could look back on my weak points and my strong. On every lesson since then he pushed me to do more and kept encouraging me to keep trying and I would get the hang of it. Daryl didn't only provide lessons he would send me videos on maneuvers and roundabouts that I struggled with which helped a lot and gave me a better understanding of them. This meant I was learning whilst at home and on my lessons. I am so thankful that I found Daryl and I couldn't thank him enough for all his encouragement and confidence in me!